Winefred Lake has long been known for its huge Walleye and monster Northern Pike. The lake has just the right make-up to consistently produce these behemoths; three rivers to continuously feed and drain the lake while at the same time providing a good spawning area, ample vegetation along the shoreline provides both a place to spawn and, a high quality food source.

Walleye are spring spawners and spawn shortly after ice-out, often ascending ice-free tributaries before the lake is ice-free. Walleye spawning occurs in the Winefred River immediately downstream of Winefred Lake for approximately 2 km, in the lower 5 – 10 km of the Sandy River, and the lower 2 km of Grist Creek.

Northern Pike are also spring spawners and, like Walleye, spawn shortly after ice-out. Where pike ascend tributaries to spawn, they may do so before the lake is ice-free. In Winefred lake, pike spawn along ice-free shorelines before the main lake ice is completely gone. Pike require shallow areas of flooded vegetation for successful spawning. In Winefred lake, pike are known to spawn in the lower reaches of the Sandy River and Grist Creek, the extreme northerly bay of the lake, the backshore slough mid-way along the east shoreline near what is locally-known as Eagle Bay.

Arctic Grayling ascend tributaries to spawn at ice-out and require turbulent flow areas of cobble/gravel riffles for successful spawning. Grayling are found in the Winefred River, Sandy River and Grist Creek.

Guests of Winefred Lake Lodge are provided with 16' Lund Boats equipped with 20hp Yamaha motors. This combination is perfect for Winefred Lake.

Winefred Lake is 36km (14 miles) long (North/South) and 23km (9miles) wide (East/West), giving anglers plenty of room to ''hook the big one''.

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